Intuitive Tarot Guidance

A 30-minute intuitive tarot session where we use the cards to guide our conversation around an issue you’d like more clarity on. This is not a psychic prediction but a tool to help you tap into your own intuition around your situation. I will guide you with my experience to lend a different perspective and tons of support and encouragement.

Your reading will include a custom 6-card spread plus additional oracle cards as needed for further insight. You’re also welcome to ask additional questions for the cards. The session is all about your self-discovery.

You will receive a photo of your spread and a copy of the questions following the session. A video of the session is also available on request via Zoom (video unavailable on Google Meet).

I can’t wait to read for you!

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Complete this brief form to give me some insight into what you want to explore during our session so we can make the best use of our 30 minutes.

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